My Why……Why Hello Sleep ?!

My why?
So someone recently asked me… why did you start Hello Sleep?
Why would you want to help parents to get their little ones to sleep better ?
Sounds like a daunting thing to jump into!
Well for me .. I’ve always LOVED sleep and just because we had kids I didn’t want to lose my good sleep! Of course, every day and night is not perfect in the Turner house but majority of the time… it’s pretty good. When Madelyn was born over 3 years ago I had no expectations on sleep and I quickly learned there was LOTS to learn! My husband and I both work full-time and I knew after 12 short weeks I would be back working full time again. Going back to work full time was going to be hard enough especially as I recently had gotten promoted to a new position. So you can imagine a new job AND a new baby… I knew good sleep would be needed to get me thru the days! So with Madelyn I got her sleeping thru the night by 11 weeks in her crib.. and in her own room. I felt pretty accomplished and most people couldn’t believe it when I told them she was sleeping thru the night!
Fast forward almost 3 years later we had Roslyn. Right around that time I fell into Dana Obleman’s Sleep Sense Program and read her book and started implementing her sleep strategies right away… my little guinea pig Roslyn 🙂 The new techniques I picked up worked faster and I couldn’t believe it! After following Dana’s program I noticed not only did she help over 60,000 families get their little ones sleeping better but now taught other women to become certified sleep consultants to help other parents get their little ones sleeping better. I knew this was something I wanted to do. So in August 2017 I flew to Sarasota,FL with 20 other fabulous women throughout the world to start my own sleep consulting business.. and Hello Sleep was born.
So not only did I love sleep… after working all day and coming home to fix dinner, do baths, get the girls ready for bath, I still wanted some time to unwind and relax by myself and with my husband Michael before bed. As parents we know how quickly life flies by and it was important for us to still have that time at night to talk about our day, the upcoming weekend or just have a glass of wine and watch a movie… even if we didn’t talk much 🙂 just having a little silence ! The more I talked to some coworkers, families and friends, the more I found out our house was a little abnormal. Sleep … what’s sleep? I knew I wanted to help parents recognize the importance of good sleep for their little ones but also for the health of the marriage and relationship with their spouse! I didn’t want to be a ship passing thru the night as  my husband did one thing and I fell asleep in our kids room.
So for us … good sleep at the Turner house is important. While at others, it might not be that way… at the moment. So if you want to co-sleep with your child or have your kids sleep in your room and it’s working for you and your family at the time… GREAT!!!  As I’m sure you know we all do things differently in parenting and that’s what makes us a different. But if you are exhausted and need a change or if sleep is affecting your marriage or relationship with your other children and you need help, that’s where I come in. I will work with you on your sleep goals and  we get thru what’s important for you and your family.  So whether you are working full-time, a stay at home mom , or work part-time.. it doesn’t matter… if you are exhausted and need sleep help please contact me. It doesn’t have to be that way.. I promise!
So how important is good sleep in your house?
Are you exhausted and know within 2 to 3 weeks it could be completely different?!
Do you want an abnormal house and when people ask how your kids sleep.. you can say ” oh 10 to 12 hours a night uninterrupted?!” Just how amazing does that sound?
So book a free 15 minute call with me to discuss your sleep issues. I promise you.. what may be happening at your house I’ve seen it already. No judgments and just an honest conversation from one momma to another momma who both want good sleep:)
So are you ready to say hello to sleep again?

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