How Do I Maintain Good Sleep when Illness Hits?




So, what is the best way to handle your little one when they are sick? Read about my top tips to help when illness hits:

Do give extra cuddles and care!

Offer extra cuddles, sit with your child for a couple of minutes in the middle of the night, but then place them back into their beds awake, knowing they are taken care of and ready for sleep again.

Respond right away

This is usually the only time I say, don’t wait 10 minutes before responding. Go in, pick them up, and treat the illness. If your child wakes up from a nap earlier or in the middle of the night, try to help coax them back to sleep if possible.

Try to keep the routines the same

Treat any symptoms before routines. Talk to your doctor for recommendations!
My favorites include a cool mist humidifier or steamy shower before bedtime to help clear out the nose before bedtime.

Don’t pull child into bed with you

If you are worried for your child and want to be closer while they are sick,pull a mattress into their room to keep a closer eye on them. It’s much easier for you to transition out of their room vs them getting comfortable in your bed again.

Don’t go back to old sleep habits

Rocking, feeding, and holding to sleep are common habits parents go back to if their child is sick. However, 3 days to a week of this and a child may then expect it after they are feeling better again.

Let them sleep longer
Don’t be afraid to let them sleep in longer than normal for naps or in the morning. Sleep is great to help fight off illness!

Normal to have decrease in eating during illness


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