Top 3 Ways Dads Help with Sleep

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Have Dad Involved in the Bedtime Routine
I read this article recently that said “Kids Develop Better Language Skills When Dad Does Bedtime Story ” It was actually interesting and made me laugh because even when I read the same story as my husband, the girls say things that Daddy said when he read it.
“So why exactly do kids get so much out of reading with Dad? Is it the sonorous voice? The scratchy beard? No. According to the Harvard research, the way dads read to kids is just different from the way moms read. “When we looked more closely at what was happening during book reading interactions, we found that fathers used more abstract and complex language.
So be sure to show your husband this research and link into the article to read in full 🙂

Mom looking to night wean or stop nursing ? Have Dad help out!
Did you know that if you are looking to wean out nursing or your little one is really attached to mom, having dad involved in the bedtime routine is really helpful! Moms and their little ones usually have a stronger bond so having Dad help out in the bedtime routine can help make bedtime a lot easier! I’ve even suggested having Mom completely leave the house during bedtime or nap routine and have Dad do it all.

You have to let them do it.
I tell you this is probably one of the hardest thing I learned when I became a parent. Letting my husband help out and knowing it was not going to be the way I wanted it. LOL . I know as you read this we all can laugh because we all know Dads just do it differently! But I realized early on that I cannot do it myself! So Momma, my last tip is- You just have to let them do it the Dad way 🙂

And Below are my Top 3 Questions Dads Ask When Looking to Work with Hello Sleep :

“What makes this different from reading a book or getting advice from others? Why cant’ we just do it ourself?
Well you can DIY If you want! There are lots of blogs, books and articles that give lots of tips for sleep training. But every child is different and not every child is a textbook case. There is no ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ answer that works for every family. I get to know your child and situation to develop a package and approach that will get you results. Even better, I am there to help make course corrections along the way- daily support! The worst thing you can do is copy what other people do. It’s exhausting to compare your family to others, and it can become a real challenge in your relationships. Your baby didn’t come with a manual, but I’m here to offer you the chapter on sleep. If you have a consistent plan that works, then you can eventually be flexible and enjoy a night out every now and then! Now trust me, I’m all for reading books and blogs and getting free advice from family and friends, but if you’ve tried it and it hasn’t worked, reach out to me and we can discuss what’s going on.

“Why do we need someone to help us get our child to sleep?”
Have you ever started your car to find the “Check Engine” light on? What do you do? Take it to a mechanic.
Have you ever realized it’s time for a haircut? What do you do? Go to the salon.
Have you ever worked with a lactation consultant or therapist?
Have you ever looked back at all the things you bought for your child: a crib, dock a tot, pack-n-play, carseat, monitor, furniture, bottles, swaddles but baby still isn’t sleeping well?
I teach your little how to sleep within weeks and the best thing- I help you teach your little one sleep skills for life… it’s an investment for life!

“We can’t afford it”
I hear this often and I am a strong believer in budgets and managing finances but also think prioritizing what’s best for the family too. Think of the cost vs. the investment. Yes, it may seem expensive to some, price wise, but lack of sleep is more costly to baby’s health and learning and everyone’s health and well-being in the family. The skills your child will learn within two weeks will give them good sleep habits that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. For the price, you will GAIN so much more! I see the results with every case and it’s so amazing and rewarding.

  • Improved relationships with your child, other children and husband.
  • You get some more “me” time back –you can work out again, drink a glass of wine , or even have time to start a book, relax or have some quiet time!

It is a one-time investment in child, mom, dad, and the whole family.
It’s a  one-time investment but what’s best is the program ‘grows’ with baby as they get older.
And I often ask, “If Mom is up every night with your sleepless child, does Dad know how exhausted you are? And if Mom is feeling that way, then how does your child feel ?”

So, What’s the next step?
Book a call with me on further questions and choose your package!
Let’s get started!!! What’s the worst you could lose…. More sleep ?

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